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HELEN KELLER has unique insights on glasses. It upholds the selection of superior materials, professional design and adheres to the concept of extreme craftsmanship. It advocates truth, sunshine and wisdom and always gives you new surprises.

Select HELEN KELLER to choose to appreciate the true self in the sun, full of confident temperament in the time. HELEN KELLER researched the face and aesthetics of the Orientals and found a design method that can interpret the true self in the life of thousands of people. From the inside to the outside, it shows the quality of life, a family of fashion and elegant images, and makes every moment of life possible. Shine.

Intellectuality, elegance, sunshine, and trueness are perfectly integrated into the design of HELEN KELLER glasses, from the design of the frame design to the development of the link-joint technology, and every hand-mounted accessory and screw on the glasses are designers to achieve high The requirements of quality, the pursuit of every detail in the glasses, the perfect presentation of sunshine and true gestures, and the ability of Ms. Helen Keller to accept the challenges of life with kindness and courageousness can win the bright spirit of life.

HELEN KELLER對眼鏡有著獨特的見解,秉持著以上乘的選材、專業的設計和堅守極致工藝的理念,倡導真實、陽光、智慧總是給你新的驚喜。

選擇HELEN KELLER即選擇了欣賞陽光真實的自己,在時光里充滿自信的氣質。HELEN KELLER通過對東方人的臉型和美學的研究,找尋出能在千面人生中詮釋真實自我的設計方法,從內至外的展現品質生活一族時尚優雅的形象,讓生活中每一個瞬間都能大放異彩。

知性、優雅、陽光、真實完美融合進HELEN KELLER眼鏡的設計中,從框架造型的設計到鏈接拼合技術的研發,以及眼鏡上每一顆手工安裝的配件和螺絲,都是設計師以達到對高質量的要求,用心在眼鏡中每一個細節的追求,將陽光、真實的姿態完美呈現,發揮出海倫凱勒女士善良、勇敢地接受生命的挑戰就能夠贏得生命中光明的精神。

Heart Knows

Helen Keller has a unique view for glasses, with a superior selection of materials, fashion design and the concept of ultimate craftsmanship, tribute to those people who adhere to the truth and enjoy the time.


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